Earn revenue from your land by hosting renewable energy

Turn your land into a passive income source by partnering with Galehead Development®

Put your property to work

Discover how you can use your land more efficiently. Optimize financial gain with minimal impact to your land.

Stable, Long-Term Revenue

As a landowner, you can enjoy passive income without the need for hands-on management, making it a hassle-free investment.

Non-Invasive Activity

Clean, green, and low impact technology means fewer disruptions to the environment and ecosystems surrounding the property. Land is fully restored to its natural state after the project is completed.

Retain Land Use

Land can continue to be accessed and used as you please. Nothing will change until the project is ready for construction. Your land's fertility and productivity are preserved, so you can continue to farm up until the project is constructed and after it is deconstructed.

Our process for partnering with landowners

Learn how we work with landowners to ensure a seamless and transparent experience customized to your land and your needs.


Galehead conducts rigorous analysis on your property

Your land is run through our proprietary LandCommand® software which considers a multitude of factors when identifying a potential project site. Comprehensive analysis includes current land use, environmental factors, alternative use, and farmland. Once a land position is identified, we work with you to craft a customized proposal for your land. We spend a lot of time and resources upfront to qualify site suitability to ensure a high success rate.

We conduct non-invasive studies.

You get a full time dedicated team to work with.

You get paid upfront for the land use.


Project development

Throughout the project development phase you can maintain existing operations on your land as desired. We focus on planning the energy infrastructure which predominantly involves desktop analysis with some non-invasive studies. As the project advances, we collaborate closely with Downstream Partners transitioning into the construction phase.

The majority of the development work is done via desktop.

No additional work required from you except occassionly granting us property access to conduct a study.

Landowner continues to be paid for their land.


Project goes online

At this stage, the project is fully operational, efficiently harnessing natural solar or wind energy and converting it into electricity. Galehead’s Downstream Partners manage the project. Land integrity is preserved.

No maintenace required by landowner.

Seamless transition to Downstream Partners.

Landowner receives increased passive income.

Frequently Asked Questions

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