Field Operations

Technical resources to manage meteorological campaigns, resource assessments, feasibility studies, field surveys, design engineering, interconnection, permitting and stakeholder management.


Competitive Sites

‍Leveraging the capabilities of LandCommand® to identify viable sites, reduce project complexity, optimize project design, and improve project and resource yield.

Tollgate Methodology

‍Galehead’s project management plan systematically advances our most promising opportunities to maximize internal resources and minimize stranded investments.

Project Development

‍Sequence of desktop and field studies to inform downstream development of greenfield land sites including engineering, permitting, utility interconnection and offtake contracts.

What it means for clients

Transparent Communication

Galehead works closely with local authorities and communities that host renewable energy projects to keep community members and stakeholders updated, informed, and involved throughout the development process.


High Conversions

Galehead has converted over 90% of our land positions into active projects under development.


Proven Track Record

Galehead has sold 6.7 GW of diversified (solar/wind/storage) pre-NTP development assets to Downstream Partners.


Our Project Delivery Track Record

Work With Us

The success of the Energy Transition relies on collaboration. Reach out to explore how we can accelerate project development.