Land Acquisition

In-house land and real estate specialists to evaluate sites and co-location, coordinate landowner introductions, negotiate site leases, manage title commitments and policies, and buy land.



‍Galehead has secured over 160,000 acres with over 200 different landowners and families across the US through rental or purchase contracts and helped landlords understand the suitability and value of their land for hosting projects.


‍Project design can accommodate the landlord's primary land use and site landscape, preserving productive or meaningful areas of the property for future generations. Galehead is dedicated to understanding landowners and their property.


‍We use our extensive experience with energy markets, utility tariffs, transmission infrastructure, project finance and good development practices to reliably advise landowners about the feasibility, risks, financials, and partners required for structuring land contracts for renewable energy projects.

What it means for clients

Land Leases

Solar ground leases are an excellent way to benefit from the expansion of the renewable industry, diversify land use income, and contribute to domestic energy production.


Flexible PartnerShips

Galehead Development works with landowners and sites of all sizes, depending on the technology and capacity of the proposed project.


Commercial Partners

Galehead works with industrial and commercial landowners to evaluate the potential of their land holdings and/or forestry in emerging renewable or carbon markets.


Our Project Delivery Track Record

Work With Us

The success of the Energy Transition relies on collaboration. Reach out to explore how we can accelerate project development.